Friday, March 18, 2011

Happiest Birthday Yet!

My 25th birthday was yesterday and golly, I am one lucky gal! I got EVERYTHING on my birthday wish-list this year:

But the best present I received this year? A JOB OFFER! Yes! Finally! I can leave my job that is bringing me down and work for a company where I already feel like I fit in! I will be doing Benefits and Payroll for a small local company that has a contract with the DoD to do security at various military bases in Hawaii. I am very excited about this opportunity as it means an increase in responsibilities for me, in an area of HR that I believe I am really strong at...not to mention a HUGE pay increase, which is always a bonus! I can't wait to start!


Erica said...

yay!! i <3 toms and that scrapbooking thing looks awesome. I am sorry I didn't get to wish you a happy birthday in full. Still working on that whole card in the mail thing..


Stephanie said...

Tom's are AMAZING! So comfy! Yes the scrapbook thing is so cool! Expect a cute homemade card in the near future :)